Arya’s Missing Diary Pages

Pictures of Arya

Pictures of Arya

Dear Reader … We share with you the missing pages from Arya’s diary.

October 13, 2019
Dear Diary,

There was a package in the mail that made Mom and Mama cry. I did not cry because there were TREATS in the package. The TREATS were wonderful! Mom wrote about it in her diary.

Love, Arya

December 25, 2019
Dear Diary,

There was a stocking under the tree that was NOT for me. I don’t know who this JJ is, but I licked his toy.

Love, Arya

Puppy on the couch

March 31, 2020
Dear Diary,

I am exhausted. Mom and Mama are here ALL THE TIME and I can’t get any sleep. Something STRANGE is going on.

Love, Arya

Close-up of Dog

April 20, 2020
Dear Diary,

Having Mom and Mama home all the time is not so bad. Mom and I take a long walk Every Morning! There is a lot to see. I saw A Cat one day! And some illegally parked trucks. And I met a new friend (A Dog!). And a giant black trash bag scared me.

Dog sleeping

July 4, 2020
Dear Diary,

I got to go to Camp Tracy!!! My friend, Said, was gone. Tracy was sad. I gave her lots of kisses. I played and played with the other dogs and now I am Very Tired.

Love, Arya

Dog sniffing trash

July 5, 2020
Dear Diary,

Last night was the Worst Night of My Life!!! It was SO LOUD and I was SO SCARED. There were “FIRECRACKERS” Booming All Night. Mama wrapped me up in a towel and held me for A Very Long Time. This morning, Mom took me to see the “FIRECRACKERS.” I sniffed them. They are not so scary now.

Love, Arya

P.S. I get to go back to Camp Tracy next week. Mom and Mama are going to get a puppy for me. They call him JJ. (I already licked his toy.)

9 Responses

  1. Evangeline Gant

    I LOVE YOUR DIARY POSTS, ARYA!! You and JJ are going to have so much fun and be such good friends!! Love to you all❤️❣️

  2. Deborah

    This is the best post ever! A year in the life of Arya! And so much more to come. You keep Tracy happy, Arya. Then you will be very happy with your very own PUPPYYYYY! You have wanted a puppy for a long time. You can raise him like Jack raised you — showing you all the good doggie things.

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