Dear Diary. JJ Is Here

Dear Diary,

Mom and Mama came to Camp Tracy to pick me up. They were holding a puppy named JJ. (I think I licked his toy!) When it was time to go home, JJ CAME IN THE CAR, TOO!! He is going to live with us, I think. At least, so far, he is still here and It Has Been Two Nights!!!

Yesterday, he barked at me and did lots of play bows. I let him sniff me. I stole his flip chip and his yellow carrot and he didn’t even notice. Last night, he fell asleep on me. Someday, if I feel like it, I will play with him.

Love, Arya

15 Responses

  1. Evangeline Gant

    Oh, Arya, you and JJ will become great friends❣️❤️ I am sure JJ is going to love any attention that you give him. 😍 It may involve a lot of patience on your part!!

  2. R V James

    I’m so glad JJ has come to live with you!! JJ is also the name of a wire fox terrier living with me – very lively, quite a personality and an excellent companion for his human!

  3. Sharon Webb

    So sweet! Arya, you will be so glad to have such a cute brother! And he is mighty lucky to have you and your moms! ❤️ to all four of you!

  4. theguster

    This is wonderful news, Arya! I am so happy for you and your Mama! There’s nothing like an older
    sibling to show a puppy the ropes! May you all have many years of fun and happiness. We will look forward to reading about all the good times you and JJ will be having.

  5. Sally

    So cute! Nothing like a puppy to lift spirits! Looking forward to hearing more doggie antics! We are so happy for all of you! P.s. Arya is so pretty.

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