Dear Diary. JJ Is Not Leaving.

Two  dogs
The first portrait

Dear Diary,

JJ is not leaving. Here is how I know: 1. Mom and Mama said We Are a Family. 2. Mom took a picture of us on the Top Step.

But I am still the Top Dog. JJ has to sleep in The Crate. I get to sleep in The Bed.

JJ likes to play. I played tug with JJ. He is so little that I just stood there while he pulled and pulled. I wrote this haiku.

JJ is staying.
Someday he will get bigger.
But I’m the Top Dog.


10 Responses

  1. Deborah Maria

    Arya, you are so philosophical. Almost Stoic. But I see the play in there! I look forward to future portraits like this one. One of you will change more than the other. Tell your moms that Top Dog earned treats with the haiku!

  2. Evangeline Gant

    Arya, you are the best big sister! You are so patient and sweet, and I think eventually you and little JJ will become good friends! This is a wonderful picture of you two!! Reading your diary post made me smile a lot and chuckle❣️❣️ I loved your Haiku. ❤️ One thing of which I am very sure is that your Mom and Mama love you both a LOT!!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. theguster

    You two are so lucky to have one and other. JJ will need a good friend like you, Ayra, to help him as he grows bigger and stronger, and to watch that he doesn’t hurt himself somehow. Being a puppy can be a challenge, you might recall. With time you will become good buddies and depend on each other for lots of fun and friendship.

    Ayra, you’ll always be the top dog, but just know there is always enough love in a mother’s heart to love two beautiful dogs like you and JJ!

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