Dear Diary. JJ and I Like to Play.

Two dogs

Dear Diary,

JJ and I like to play. We like to play outside and inside. We like to play in the morning and in the evening. We like to play at night.

JJ follows me everywhere. Even into the wild backyard.

JJ likes to bark. But it hurts my ears. I have to bark, too, to tell him he is too loud.

Mama takes my collar off when I play because JJ keeps biting it.

Yesterday he accidentally hit my nose. Then I accidentally whacked him and told him, “NO NOSE BITING!”

I wrote this haiku.

Playing in morning.
In the evening and at night.
Two tired puppies.

Love, Arya

7 Responses

  1. Arya, are you sure you accidently whacked him? In anycase I am glad you have taken on the role of mentor and are trying to teach him good manners. It’s hard to raise a pup. blessings!

      1. Arya, I suspected so! and I am sure that from your perspective he is learning slowly, too slowly. But what do your moms think? Maybe Beth should show you video of you as a pup playing with Jack… you may have forgotten that you were once a pup. I have to remind myself regularly that it is in the nature of children to run around and make noise, so I understand your impatience. This will change all to soon and you will miss youthfull JJ’s cuteness.

  2. Evangeline Gant

    This is a priceless picture !! I love all the accidental happenings!!🤣 Arya will be a good teacher and help JJ toe the line!! I know they will grow to love each other and be good friends. They are both so precious.❤️

  3. Deborah Maria

    Once the playing started (it wasn’t that long ago), it really rolled into full-time fun! Other than sleep. Everybody sleeps, right?
    Sounds like a lot of ‘accidents’ happening. HA! Puppy teeth are sharp. Poor Arya’s nose…

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