Dear Diary. JJ and I Went to Camp!




Dear Diary,

We went to Camp Tracy for a vacation!! This was JJ’s first time at Camp. I have been going ever since I was a tiny puppy. Mom and Mama sent JJ’s bed so he wouldn’t feel homesick.

JJ on his bed

Biggie and Shooey came to camp and we got to play with them.


JJ and Biggie are good friends.


Shooey and Biggie and JJ are still little. I am the playground monitor.


When we came home, JJ and I were very, very tired. JJ fell asleep by the water bowl.

doggie asleep

Now I need to go take a nap. Until next time.


11 Responses

  1. Evangeline Gant

    Oh, my, how much fun you must have had❣️🎉. It is good that you and JJ were together; I am sure he was happier with his buddy close by. ❤️ I know Mom and Mama were happy to see you both again, and I am sure you were thrilled to be home after a fantastic adventure❣️🥰

  2. theguster

    What fun you all must have had! I bet you can’t wait to go back to camp again. It’s such a pleasure when all the ‘guests’ get along and play nice.

    I must say that the picture of JJ by the water bowl is so adorable! It looks like he can almost
    fit in it!

  3. Deborah Maria

    Going to camp near the end of summer is great! Biggie and Shooey now have a new friend. Do you think Tracy was tired, too? Home is the best! Welcome home, Arya, and thank you for the good story — and the pictures!

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