The ThunderShirt

dog wearing thunder shirt

dog wearing thunder shirt

Dear Diary,

I have been Very Nervous this week. Today The Plumber came and I could Not Stop Barking. Mom made me wear my ThunderShirt.

I felt so calm that I could hardly move.

Mom was wondering if there is a ThunderShirt for Hoomans like her.

Until next time.


4 Responses

  1. Evangeline Gant

    Arya, how lucky to are to have a thundershirt, along with your loving mom and mama. I agree with Mom; we may all need thundershirts, especially this week!

  2. Deborah Maria

    “…so calm that (you) could hardly move.”
    I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Could you breathe, Arya???
    Maybe Baby Yoda wears a thundershirt! Pret-ty calm all the time.

    If the plumber has left, may I borrow your thundershirt? It’s been that kind of week…er, year. I can see me now: mask, hooded rainjacket, and thundershirt. Ambling along like something from the Himalayas.

    You have a good Mom!

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