Dear Diary JJ Has a Cone

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was Very Weird. We got up at the same time as every day, but Mom did NOT feed us. Then she took JJ for a ride in the car. And then, she came back without JJ.

It was a very nice day. Mom fed me my breakfast and we went for a long walk. And then, no one was here all day. I took a nap on the couch. Then I took a nap on the bed. Then I sat outside and watched the birds. And then I took a nap on the guest bed because Mom forgot to leave that door closed.

About dinner time, JJ Came Home. He smelled really weird and was wearing an “E-Collar.” Mom said he had gotten tutored and now he is really smart. She said he can probably quote Shakespeare when he gets a little older.

JJ Was At The Vet All Day!!! He has to “Stay Quiet for a Week”! JJ is sleeping in a pen in the kitchen during the day and in his crate at night. I am going to Camp Tracy tomorrow so that I can have some play time.

I promise to write more later. It has been Very Busy with JJ around. But now it is Very Quiet.

Until next time. Love,

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  1. Kay Ham

    Hi Arya! Thank you for telling us about JJ. All of us have been tutored too, so we know all about it! Mom gave us treats and loved on us a lot, which she always does anyway. JJ will feel all better soon. Then he will play with you🐕😚
    Love, 🐱Tiger, Winter,& CatStevens

  2. theguster

    Oh, goodness. We are pretty sure we know what the “E-collar” is for. We think that JJ had the big ‘N’ procedure, which isn’t any fun to have done. We hope he’s feeling better and that his collar doesn’t drive him crazy, because that’s what they do, but it serves a good purpose so that he heals fast,

    We hope that Arya has fun at Camp Tracy. Pretty soon you two will be back together and will be able to play again. Get well soon, JJ.

  3. Deborah Maria

    Awwww… Well written, Arya.
    Being at the Vet’s place ALL DAY — wow!
    JJ would have had more run going on the walk with you. And BREAKFAST!!!
    Going to Camp Tracy is a very good idea. God bless Tracy.
    JJ will feel better every day. That E-collar looks like a big bother. I wouldn’t want one, even to speak Shakespeare.
    The hoomans are giving JJ the best care. And you, too!
    Love to all, Deborah

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