JJ’s Big Adventure – Rest Areas

Mom and I are on “A Trip.” We went for a ride in the car for a very long time until we got to The Cabin.

When you ride in the car, you drive and drive, and then you stop at a Rest Area. (I don’t need to rest because I have been resting in the car.) Mom and I take walks at Rest Areas.

In my long life of 13 months I have set foot on (and Peed in) five states. (Six, if I count North Carolina, where I was born. But I was just a baby then.)

Tennessee: I live in Tennessee, so I have Peed here a lot!! The rest stops in Tennessee are very nice. Lots of grass and smells and people and dogs.

Arkansas: Part of Arkansas is very flat. Part of Arkansas is very hilly. Peeing was fine in both parts.

Oklahoma: What I noticed here was Lots of Wind! You have to be careful how you stand when peeing.

Kansas: This state is both flat and windy. I saw the biggest dogs here. They said, “Moo!”

Colorado: There are Lots of New Smells in Colorado. The air is light and dry. I set off the prairie dog alarm when I got too close. Mom and I went the other way.

Now we are in some mountains and I get to pee by the river when we take walks every day.

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  1. Deborah Maria

    JJ, you have perspective like no other! I love your stories – especially about the big moo-dogs in Kansas. Thank you for your travelogue. Keep adding adventures and telling us who stay home about them.

      1. Deborah Maria

        Yes, JJ — I lived with Moo Dogs when I was growing up in North Carolina (that’s near Tennessee).We had a big grassy place with a fence and a moo dog house called a barn. I liked to feed them and brush their soft coats! They have been wet noses and would sniff you — and let you sniff them!

        Maybe you can meet a Moo Dog up close!

  2. theguster

    You are so lucky, JJ. I was 4 years old in April and haven’t been out of Tennessee. I did go up to Knoxville to the U.T. hospital because I was very sick and they made me better.
    Have a good trip and enjoy it all. Tell us all about it!

  3. JJ I think those big dogs in Kansas were cows. But wait till you see some Buffalo. If your mom would drive through the flint hills, I think you might see Buffalo. They make cows look small and they would make you look very small. I would not advise you to go sniffing around them. Enjoy being at the cabin and exploring all the new sights and smells. Blessings!

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