Bless to Me This Party

Bless this party, full of fun. And bless to me these friends. Bless this beautiful Spring day, And bless to me the sounds of laughter, of bird songs. Bless these snacks of cookies and lemonade, And bless to me the bags of dog treats. Bless these people gathering in celebration. And bless to me their […]

A Party for Jack’s Book!

Our friends at The Upper Room are throwing a party to celebrate Jack’s new book of Blessings. It’s Wednesday, May 22, 2-3 (CDT) at The Upper Room, 1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN. There will be refreshments for two and four-legged critters. Come and join the party!!! P.S. Come in the morning for the Taizé service […]

Jack’s Book, Kindle Edition

BREAKING NEWS! NASHVILLE, TN. The Daily Dog, Local Edition. The Kindle Edition of Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog has been released and is ready for download. Marketing Manager and Sister of Jack, Arya the Porch Dog, shared this news in a hastily called press conference late yesterday. Jack’s Book, wildly […]

Jack’s Book of Blessings

Get a copy from Amazon: Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog Jack the Scottie tells you about his day with poems for every activity from breakfast to going to sleep. Jack’s Celtic-style blessings lead us through each moment of the day: the walk, the leash, the treats, the lap, the dog […]

Bless to Me This Morning

A Bless to Me prayer by Jack: Bless to me this morning in the Spring, This cool air that means The door can be left open (for a little while). Bless to me this door to the world At which I sit And smell And think And rest. Bless to me the new sounds, new […]

Jack’s Bless to Me Prayer

Bless to me this chair This strong and safe chair Under which I hide At the doctor’s office. Bless to me this chair And its durable seat That hides me from the Giant vet tech who threatens To pick me up And put me on the table. Bless to me this chair In its little […]

Sitting with an Aging Pet

For Spec You still chase bunnies in your sleep Tracking, barking, leaping Master of the back yard You still jump in the air when it’s time to eat Letting me know that you know When supper time is here But then I see you dodge a shadow Unable to see clearly with cloudy eyes And […]