A Possum Tail in Three Parts

A Haiku Story by Jack Part 1: Pre-Dawn Racket Fresh in the pre-dawn A Varmint in our backyard We wake the neighbors Part 2: Afternoon Raid Quiet afternoon Possum cornered: bark, bark, bark Mom’s Varmint rescue Part 3: The End of the Tail Pest control men here We are shut up in the house They […]

Dear Diary, Love, Mom

Dear Diary, I might be getting to old for these neighborhood patrol duties. The other day, I had to rescue the dadgum possum in the back yard – again. This was the second possum rescue in two months. (At least this one was in the afternoon and not at 5:30 a.m.) I was alerted by […]

Scottie Curling Team Goes for Gold

PYEONGCHANG, KOREA. In other news, the unorthodox methods of the Scottie Curling Team seem to paying off. The team, sponsored by the Middle Fork Scottie Ranch, Lyons, CO are in the finals and are favored for the gold medal. They play the Newcastle Corgies in the best of 10 ends. Scottie Coach, Angus McFee said, […]