Happy Birthday to Jack!

Happy Birthday, Jack. Today you are seven. From the top of your head To the tip of your tail, You are loved. Thank you, universe, For letting us Share life with Jack.

Blessing of the Animals

And then a hooman came to the earth who loved all the creatures. Francis was a brother to the sun and the moon, the birds and the wolves, the bunnies and the cats of all sizes. Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures. – St. Francis of Assisi Canticle of the Sun Scola Canis […]

Happy Dog Day

Happy Dog Day. This promotion was sponsored by the campaign of Jack the Scottie, Future President of the Back Yard.

The Olympics: Hole Digging and Other News

OLYMPICS NEWS UPDATE: Jack the Scottie, candidate for President of the Back Yard, earned another Gold Medal at the Puppy Olympics. This time, the event was Hole Digging. Not surprisingly, all the medal winners were Scottish Terriers. An unnamed political analyst said, “This should help Jack’s campaign quite a lot. Voters really like a well-rounded […]