Watching the Sunset

Last night After dinner We went outside To sniff the wind And listen to The getting-dark sounds. There was a new dog Roaming around Behind our woods. And that raccoon from last month Came by again. This morning we heard an owl Calling before sunrise. Arya was worried. I wondered if We would hear it […]

Summer Time

Haiku by Jack It is summer time. The kitchen floor is cooler. That is where I sleep. It is summer time. There’s a vent in the bathroom. Sometimes I sleep there. It is summer time. The sun makes the asphalt hot. We go very slow. It is summer time. We get to eat some ice […]

A Possum Tail in Three Parts

A Haiku Story by Jack Part 1: Pre-Dawn Racket Fresh in the pre-dawn A Varmint in our backyard We wake the neighbors Part 2: Afternoon Raid Quiet afternoon Possum cornered: bark, bark, bark Mom’s Varmint rescue Part 3: The End of the Tail Pest control men here We are shut up in the house They […]

Fall Is Here

Fall is here, let’s give a cheer. The hoomans like to scratch my ear. Fall is here, hip-hip, hooray! Let puppies come and stay all day. Fall is here, the leaves come down. I bring them in and see a frown. Fall is here, it is so neat! Especially when I get a treat! -A […]