Watching the Sunset


Last night
After dinner
We went outside
To sniff the wind
And listen to
The getting-dark sounds.

There was a new dog
Roaming around
Behind our woods.
And that raccoon from last month
Came by again.

This morning we heard an owl
Calling before sunrise.
Arya was worried.
I wondered if
We would hear it again later.

Then the sky got very bright and pretty
like the fireplace looks when mom says,
“Stay back! It’s hot!”

Mom came outside and watched the sky, too.
She said, “Ooo!” and “Ahhh!” and “Ohhh!”
She was very happy.

It got dark.
We all went inside the house.
Mom put the dog door cover on
So no strangers could come in.

Then we went to bed
And wondered
What a sunset smells like.

Summer Time



Haiku by Jack

It is summer time.
The kitchen floor is cooler.
That is where I sleep.

It is summer time.
There’s a vent in the bathroom.
Sometimes I sleep there.

It is summer time.
The sun makes the asphalt hot.
We go very slow.

It is summer time.
We get to eat some ice treats.
I like the hot dogs.

A Possum Tail in Three Parts


A Haiku Story by Jack

Part 1: Pre-Dawn Racket

Fresh in the pre-dawn
A Varmint in our backyard
We wake the neighbors

Part 2: Afternoon Raid

Quiet afternoon
Possum cornered: bark, bark, bark
Mom’s Varmint rescue

Part 3: The End of the Tail

Pest control men here
We are shut up in the house
They search the crawl space

Pest control men leave
No sign of den in our house
Bye bye, men and truck

Pest control men back
Dead possum found at neighbor’s
We did not do it.

RIP Possum


Fall Is Here


Fall is here, let’s give a cheer.
The hoomans like to scratch my ear.

Fall is here, hip-hip, hooray!
Let puppies come and stay all day.

Fall is here, the leaves come down.
I bring them in and see a frown.

Fall is here, it is so neat!
Especially when I get a treat!

-A Poem for Fall by Jack