An Apology


Dear Diary,

Mom says we owe An Apology To The Neighborhood for all the barking this morning.

We went out in the back yard and there was A Varmint there. Right in Our Back Yard. Right in The Ground

We barked and barked. Jack even ran down into the back yard.

Then Mom had to slide down the hill in her PJs and tell us to “Be Quiet!!!” And “Come Here!!!”

Mom said “Thank Goodness It Wasn’t a Skunk!!!”

Mom closed the gate so it can get away.

We need a nap now. After breakfast.

Until next time.

Love, Arya

Dear Diary. Help me. Love, Arya.


Dear Diary,

Help Me. I am being punished and I don’t know why. Mom brought home these “Puppy Pajamas” and put them on me. I am warmer, but I cannot move. Or Eat. Or walk. Or pee.

This has been the worst day of my life. Except for that one time at The Vet.

Until Next Time. Love,

Dear Diary. Love, Jack


Dear Diary,

I have a new friend. His name is Andy. Andy came to the Blessing of the Animals and we played together. Andy’s Mom and my Mom are friends.

Andy and Andy’s Mom brought me a Present!

It was wrapped in pretty paper, so Andy helped to open it.

Mom and I were Very Happy. 😃 I wanted to keep them by my bed, but Arya wanted to lick them. Now Mom has two little Scotties on her piano in her office.

Mom said I can come and play with them later.

I hope I get to play with them and play with Andy, too.

That’s all for now. Love,


Blessing of the Animals


And then a hooman came to the earth who loved all the creatures. Francis was a brother to the sun and the moon, the birds and the wolves, the bunnies and the cats of all sizes.

Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures.
– St. Francis of Assisi
Canticle of the Sun

Scola Canis Scoti, Book III

Join me (Jack) and other creatures for a blessing on the lawn in front of The Upper Room. Wednesday, October 4, 4-6 pm. (The Upper Room is located at 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville, TN 37212.)

Jack says, “If it is Too Scary or Too Far to come, send a picture of yourself and my mom will bless you. (Arya is sending her picture because she says it would be Too Many Creatures to keep in line.)”

Flat Jack Comes Home from the Eclipse


This week, Flat Jack came home from his Eclipse Adventure. He arrive via post in an envelope with an Eclipse Stamp! Flat Jack really travels in style.

Flat Jack viewed the eclipse from Casper, Wyoming, where some Very Serious Eclipse Watchers gathered. He was the guest of his friend, Marian. For the Eclipse, Flat Jack wore his swimming togs. After all, it was Summer!

Viewing the Eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Unfortunately, Flat Jack got really sleepy as it was getting dark and he snoozed through the 3 minutes of Totality. But, asleep or not, he was there! Flat Jack – Present for the Great Total Eclipse!!

I’d like to thank Marian and all the Hoomans who have hosted Flat Jack in travels the last few months. We hope he was well behaved and didn’t eat to much or bark at the wrong time or inconvenience you in any way. Flat Jack says that the Vacations of Hoomans are the Best!!

Flat Jack’s Summer of Adventure


Flat Jack’s Excellent Summer Vacation took him to Ireland (above).

He went to New York with Lauren …

Took a ride on the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge RR in Colorado with Pat …

Met lobsters in Cape Cod with Bobbi …

Visited Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic with John and Deen …

Saw Alaska with Debbie …

Cruised to Denmark, Norway, Germany, Russia, and Sweden with Elizabeth and Bob …

Flat Jack will be in Casper, WY for the eclipse with Marian, who gave him his eclipse glasses. Here he is studying The Veil Nebula. Flat Jack is such a star …

Thank you to everyone who has hosted Flat Jack this summer so far. We hope he was not too much trouble! Real Jack is grateful that he was able to stay home.

Flat Jack would love to go with you on your vacation. If you would like to take Flat Jack with you:

  • Print out one or both of these images of Flat Jack.
  • Glue the image to a piece of cardboard and cut around the dotted lines.
  • Pack Flat Jack to travel with you.
  • Take pictures of Flat Jack and send them to Mom through Facebook. Or email to

Download Jack at the Pool. Download Jack in Tartan.