Dear Diary, I Took a DNA Test

Dear Diary, I love it when Mom laughs. That’s what she did when she read the instructions for the DNA test.  I don’t know what DNA means. I think probably it means Do Not Attack. It would make more sense if it meant Do Not Bark (DNB) or Do Not Jump (DNJ). That’s what Hoomans […]

Dear Diary. Love, Arya.

Dear Diary, The Best Thing has happened!! There is a New Invention that has come to our house. It is called A Dog Door. It is just for Dogs Like Me to go In and Out of the House. A Man came two weeks ago. When he left, then we had The New Dog Door. […]

Dear Diary

   Dear Diary, Mom said that Today is International Women’s Day. I don’t know what that is, but it’s Very Important. She said that I am a Female and she is, too. But Jack Is Not. So this is Not a Special Day for him!!! I have been helping Mom in the back yard. I […]

Arya’s Thundershirt Review

   Mom got me something called a Thundershirt  She says I have Anxiety.  The first time she put it on me, I was sort of Scared. But then I got Very Sleepy.     WHENEVER SHE TAKES IT OFF ME, I RUN AND JUMP AND CHEW ON MY BROTHER. I BARK AND CHASE MY TAIL.  But […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Recently we went on a Ride in the Car called a Family Vacation. The ride was longer than the ride to The Vet and even longer than the ride to The Dog Park. It took a Really Long Time. Mom put my bed in the back seat of the car, but I felt […]