Pictures of Arya

Arya’s Missing Diary Pages

Dear Reader … We share with you the missing pages from Arya’s diary. October 13, 2019 Dear Diary, There was a package in the mail that made Mom and Mama cry. I did not cry because there were TREATS in the package. The TREATS were wonderful! Mom wrote about it in her diary. Love, Arya […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Mom has put up Christmas!! We have our Tiny Tree and Some Lights outside. (I am Not Supposed to Chew on Any wires.) This year I counted 6 little Scottie ornaments and Only 1 Arya Ornament. Mom said it’s because I am a “One Of A Kind Dog” and to say “Please Don’t […]

This Time of Year

Dear Diary, This is the time of year when Jack would bring LOTS of leaves in the house. He didn’t mean to. They just stuck to him. I’m not as sticky. But there are still LOTS of leaves in the house. Until next time. Love, Arya

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Some Really Big Things have happened here. One day Jack left to go for a ride in the car. But He Didn’t Come Home. Mom cried a whole lot. I Licked Her And She Let Me!!!!! That Very Same Day, I lost my collar. She said, “Where is Your collar? Did Jack take […]

Dear Dairy. Love, Arya

Dear Diary, This has been the Worst Day of my life. I found the most Beautiful Smell in the Back Yard and rolled in it. When Mom got home, she said I had to have A Bath! She even washed my Collar! Worst of all, My Brother Jack didn’t have to get A Bath. He […]

Dear Diary. We had an Exciting Walk.

Dear Diary, Mom and I took walk and it turned out Very Exciting. We were almost home and the Very Big and Scary Dog got loose from his owner and started running towards us. He Chased Me Around Mom about three times and his leash tied her up. I was screaming and screaming and people […]

Dear Diary. Love, Arya.

Dear Diary, The Best Thing has happened!! There is a New Invention that has come to our house. It is called A Dog Door. It is just for Dogs Like Me to go In and Out of the House. A Man came two weeks ago. When he left, then we had The New Dog Door. […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, This is my Brother, Jack. He is not Feeling Well. Mom says, “It’s the Spring-time Bugs having a Party in his gut.” He has been taking Medicine for A Long Time. And he Doesn’t Want To Play With ME! Last night, I went to stay at Camp Tracy for a couple of days. […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, At our house we have Something called Breakfast. It is where Mom gets our bowls and puts Food in them. It is my favorite time of day! Except for Dinner. And Treats. And the Bouncy Ball Game. Sometimes Breakfast takes A Very Long Time. We get up and then we go outside and […]