I Think I Am Scottish

I think I am Scottish. My brave ancestors roamed the highlands searching out children stranded in the peat bogs or lost in the fog. My piercing bark led the Highland Rescue squad to my location.  My ancestors chased vermin out of the houses and even led St. Patrick to dens of snakes. (Though we did […]

Announcing Arya’s DNA Results

NASHVILLE, TN. Arya, Vice Presidential candidate for the Back Yard Election has been declared 100% dog and is 100% eligible to serve as running mate for Jack the Scottie. Mr. P. Nut Squirrel challenged the eligibility of Arya to serve as VP since she was a Porch Dog of unknown origin. Mr. Squirrel declared, “If […]

Dear Diary: The DNA Is Almost Here

Dear Diary, Oh, oh, oh, I am so excited. My DNA results are nearly ready. I got a picture from the DNA people of my Genetic Code. I don’t know yet what it means, but it will be coming Very Soon! I have so many Hooman Friends who have been helping to guess. I Love […]