Jack’s Book of Blessings

Get a copy from Amazon: Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog Jack the Scottie tells you about his day with poems for every activity from breakfast to going to sleep. Jack’s Celtic-style blessings lead us through each moment of the day: the walk, the leash, the treats, the lap, the dog […]

Bless to Me This Morning

A Bless to Me prayer by Jack: Bless to me this morning in the Spring, This cool air that means The door can be left open (for a little while). Bless to me this door to the world At which I sit And smell And think And rest. Bless to me the new sounds, new […]

A New Bonnet and Coat

   Jack got a package from Scotland!     It was a present from his aunt Pat and aunt Margaret.    They went on a Celtic pilgrimage to the old country.    And they sent him this bonnie wee outfit.    Jack says thanks! (What a braw wee lad.)

I’m Famous?

I was featured in a workshop done by my mom at her conference in North Carolina last week. She was talking about Celtic Blessings and about her upcoming book, Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings. I got two whole slides in the PowerPoint presentation. And then Mom read this prayer she wrote about […]