Bless to Me This Morning



A Bless to Me prayer by Jack:

Bless to me this morning in the Spring,
This cool air that means
The door can be left open
(for a little while).

Bless to me this door to the world
At which I sit
And smell
And think
And rest.

Bless to me the new sounds, new smells
From the deck
From the forest
From the neighbors.

Bless to me the squirrels
That come to eat or drink,
The squirrels I love to chase,
The squirrels so brave,
The squirrels that taunt me
With their little squirrel grins.

Bless to me this morning in the Spring,
This open door,
This sitting spot
Just for me.

Find more Celtic blessings in my hooman’s book Christ Beside Me, Christ Before Me: Celtic Blessings. Watch for my book, Jack’s Bless to Me Prayers coming someday to a bookstore near you.

A New Bonnet and Coat


Jack got a package from Scotland! 

It was a present from his aunt Pat and aunt Margaret.

They went on a Celtic pilgrimage to the old country.

And they sent him this bonnie wee outfit.

Jack says thanks! (What a braw wee lad.)

I’m Famous?


FullSizeRender 7

I was featured in a workshop done by my mom at her conference in North Carolina last week. She was talking about Celtic Blessings and about her upcoming book, Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings. I got two whole slides in the PowerPoint presentation. And then Mom read this prayer she wrote about our daily walk. (You can sign up for emails about her book here.)

Bless to me this walk,
This street I travel twice a day.
Bless to me this companion, Jack,
The little dog who walks beside me.

Bless to me each house I pass along the way.
Bless to me each person I see.
Bless to me the bunnies and the cats,
The squirrels and the birds,
Our companions, our entertainment.

Bless to me the morning sky,
The evening clouds,
The peaceful time.
Bless to me this walk.