Dear Diary. JJ and I Went to Camp!

  Dear Diary, We went to Camp Tracy for a vacation!! This was JJ’s first time at Camp. I have been going ever since I was a tiny puppy. Mom and Mama sent JJ’s bed so he wouldn’t feel homesick. Biggie and Shooey came to camp and we got to play with them. JJ and […]

Arya Goes to Camp

Company was coming, so Arya got to go to camp. From Tracy, director and proprietor of Camp Tracy: ~ I put Arya in the back of my car and didn’t realize until halfway home that I didn’t have the gate up, but … she stayed in the back of the car!! She got out of […]

A Letter from Camp Tracy

Dear Mom! I am having So Much Fun at Camp. First I was doing my job showing a puppy how to play … he didn’t know how to play. In the picture I am showing him that This is My Bone. He went home and Tracy said I could stay longer because I was ready […]

Report from Camp

Jack and Arya recently returned from the summer session at Camp Tracy. The following notes were received from the camp director. ~Arya started to get excited when we pulled on my street! She got the first cute little nose prints on my newly cleaned car windows. ~Said was very glad to see them both! There […]

BREAKING NEWS: Report from Camp Tracy

Jack and Arya have have returned from their Memorial Day holiday at Camp Tracy. They are both tired and need baths. The following Report was received from Tracy, founder and proprietor of the camp: When we first got to my house and I got out of the car to open the gate, Arya jumped out […]

Jack and Arya’s Most Excellent Adventure

Subject: Report from Dog Camp Location: Camp Tracy Author: Tracy, Executive Director of Camp Tracy Sunday – It’s now 10 p.m. Arya is behaving as if she were at her grandmothers, jumping on and off and on and off and on and off the couch again. Jack has been standing by the door to the […]