Report from Camp


Jack and Arya recently returned from the summer session at Camp Tracy. The following notes were received from the camp director.

~Arya started to get excited when we pulled on my street! She got the first cute little nose prints on my newly cleaned car windows.

~Said was very glad to see them both! There was a lot of hub-bubbing, head butting, and joyful sniffing of the hinter nether regions.

~Jack is on cat patrol as usual. Arya is on planet patrol, or maybe the whole universe even.

~In the a.m., Arya chews on a bone for a while, then licks my face thoroughly, and hops on the couch to sleep at my feet.

~Jack sometimes sleeps right next to me. I hang my hand off the couch and he sort of controls the petting. Butting me with his head, or rubbing under his chin or beside his ears. The boy knows what he wants!

~The dogs seem to play musical dog beds. Sometimes I wake up and Said is in his bed, sometimes Arya and a lot of the time, Jack is.

~Say, Arya is much better about not jumping on me! I actually left my house one day wearing white pants. Not a single paw print.

~I’m driving a friends car. It’s a Prius and very odd for me to drive. The first night I brought it home I was so flustered at turning it off and getting it parked that I left the gate open and let all the dogs out.

Jack went no where. Arya was playing in the dead end circle with Said and came as soon as I called. Hooray!

~Your dogs both have really short tails. Have you noticed that?

~We enjoyed having them. Said is still grumbling about where his pals went and why I won’t wrestle with him the way they do.

BREAKING NEWS: Report from Camp Tracy


Jack and Arya have have returned from their Memorial Day holiday at Camp Tracy. They are both tired and need baths.

The following Report was received from Tracy, founder and proprietor of the camp:

When we first got to my house and I got out of the car to open the gate, Arya jumped out of the car, peed, and then got back in the car. Then I drove in the driveway.

The first night, Arya and Maggie (the golden retriever) were still wrestling at 1:30 a.m.

One day while I went out to run an errand, I came back and Jack had gotten stuck in the bathroom. Another time I came home and the bathroom door was shut but he wasn’t in it. I don’t know how he does that!?!?

Jack and Arya played ALL the time with Maggie. Even Jack wrestled with her. Plus, I love to watch Arya and Jack wrestle — they lie on the floor and chew on each others’ heads.

Driving them home they started to whine a bit when I turned into your neighborhood. (Not because I took the turn wild either. They usually quickly lie down in the car and don’t pay attention.) When I turned onto your street they went nuts, whining loudly, and both were standing on their back legs looking out the windows. Funny pups!

Jack and Arya had this to say, “Thank you Tracy. We had a blast!”

Jack and Arya’s Most Excellent Adventure



Subject: Report from Dog Camp
Location: Camp Tracy
Author: Tracy, Executive Director of Camp Tracy

Sunday – It’s now 10 p.m. Arya is behaving as if she were at her grandmothers, jumping on and off and on and off and on and off the couch again. Jack has been standing by the door to the cat sanctuary downstairs for 4 hours now.

Monday – I had a whole bag of those little chew sticks ready for Arya so I could sleep in every morning but surprisingly Arya curled up at my feet on the couch for a bit, chewing a bone and then sleep. Jack is still standing at the cat door.

Tuesday – Lenny and Sammy are here! Lenny and Sammy are here! Arya was VERY mean to Lenny, growling and pinning his tiny little neck to the ground. She would not let up. His mom is pretty nonchalant about that stuff saying, “Oh, they’re just excited” (I don’t thing Lenny was very excited.). Jack gave them a cursory once over and then went back to his spot at the cat door.

Wednesday – Good thing I had the chew sticks! Having Lenny lying on the couch with me proved just TOO exciting for Arya. She happily went into a crate and chewed away until she went back to sleep.

Thursday – Arya has her groove back and was calm enough to sleep with me on the couch along with Lenny and Sammy. She sleeps at my feet, Lenny sleeps on the pillow with me, and Sammy sleeps on my waist. I felt supremely honored when Jack left his post at the cat door to lay on the floor beside me while I petted him. Said laid on his dog bed on the floor by the end of the couch and I have to say, life doesn’t really get better than that.

Friday – You know how I usually love the sound of Jack’s feet on the floor? I thought I was going to have to put socks on him this a.m. He came in and out of the room again and again. I got up thinking he had to pee, but no, he just wanted breakfast. My telling him that nice dogs don’t get up this early had no effect on him. The boy has self confidence. I’ll give you that. I wasn’t getting much sleep because Lenny and Arya were switching bones very 30 seconds. Which involved one of them walking right on top of me to get to the other side of the couch. They are very good about sharing (yeah, they did get over their differences in less than 24 hours), more like two dogs that live together, not just friends.

Saturday – Jack has discovered that if I am making them all stay out for a while and he has to leave his post at the cat door inside, he can just as easily go to the back door, or one of the windows downstairs and bark madly at them and still fulfill his cat duties. Arya’s duty seems to be to bark at anything that moves or anything that seems like it’s thinking of moving. They are both hyper-aware, aren’t they, though? I am trying to rescue a little dark gray kitten (I first saw it across the street one evening playing with fireflies!). It spends a lot of time in my back yard and on the “patio.” Arya spotted the little thing from the window and went nuts. Good security team if you are ever invaded by a hoard of cats.

Sunday – I went to bed late and Arya and Lenny were still wrestling. Jack moves away from the cat door more often now, sometimes even coming to sit at my feet. Seriously, he has hardly been able to leave the door to eat, and I feed him in the living room 4 feet from the door! I took the day off yesterday and I’m sure glad I did. I went out to shop and when I left the store it had started pouring rain. I mean POURING. And thundering! When I got home all of the dogs were in the bathroom. Even Said seemed to be coming out of there. It stormed for what seemed like hours and all the dogs cuddled around me.

It has been so nice to have your crew here. Said just loves them, and I do too!