Dear Diary. Love, Jack


Dear Diary,

I have a new friend. His name is Andy. Andy came to the Blessing of the Animals and we played together. Andy’s Mom and my Mom are friends.

Andy and Andy’s Mom brought me a Present!

It was wrapped in pretty paper, so Andy helped to open it.

Mom and I were Very Happy. 😃 I wanted to keep them by my bed, but Arya wanted to lick them. Now Mom has two little Scotties on her piano in her office.

Mom said I can come and play with them later.

I hope I get to play with them and play with Andy, too.

That’s all for now. Love,


Jack and Arya, You’ve Got Mail!


Dear Diary,

Mr. Squirrel is not the only one who is bad at writing Thank You Notes. Our Mom is, too. We got The Best Package from our Auntie in Oregon and Mom still hasn’t written our Thank You Note.

The Package had Fun Stuff for our Moms. And even Treats for them. (They never get treats like we do.) And we got some New Clothes in the package. Jack got a raincoat and I got a sweater. We like our Auntie in Oregon. She has Lots and Lots of Cats. We would like to play with her cats. (Well, my brother would just like to chase them. I would like to play with them.)

This is a video of us sniffing the new clothes.

Jack can’t wait for it to rain so he can try out his new raincoat.

I think Hoomans are Very Nice. Especially the Hoomans Who Like Dogs. (And Cats. And even Squirrels.) Mom says The World would be a better place if there were more Hoomans Who Like Dogs. (And Cats. And even Squirrels.)

Until Next Time. Love,

Mr. Squirrel, You’ve Got Mail!


Dear Diary,

Mr. P. Nut Squirrel got A Package at our house this week. It came in The Mail. We like The Mail. Every day, we go to Check the Mail in the front yard. Then we come back in the house and Get A Treat!

A Package was in the mailbox. And when Mom opened it, we saw that it was for Mr. P. Nut Squirrel from his relatives in Colorado. They went on a Big Trip to Minnesota and sent Mr. Squirrel a present.

Jack and I sniffed it and there was not Anything To Eat. So we gave it to Mr. P. Nut Squirrel and he put it in his house up in the tree in the Back Yard.

I like Mr. Squirrel. We play Lots and Lots of games. My favorite one is Chase. He comes onto the back porch and I Chase him off.

Until next time. Love,

P.S. Mr. Squirrel is not very good at writing Thank You Notes. I hope his cousins will understand. ❤

Dear Diary. We had an Exciting Walk.



Dear Diary,

Mom and I took walk and it turned out Very Exciting.

We were almost home and the Very Big and Scary Dog got loose from his owner and started running towards us. He Chased Me Around Mom about three times and his leash tied her up. I was screaming and screaming and people started coming from all the houses. Mom’s feet were tied up by the Big Dog’s leash, so she fell down backwards in the street and then the Very Big and Scary Dog couldn’t go anywhere. The Big Dog’s owner grabbed him and I went back to Mom. I was scared and she was scared. Then a man came to check on Mom and I barked really loud at him.

The Very Big Dog’s owner was sitting in the street by Mom and Crying Her Head Off. Mom looked me over and I was just fine. I was just Very Scared. Mom got her ankles untied and then we went home and I had Treats. Mom had Treats, too.

I hope we don’t do that again. It was Not Very Fun.

Until Next Time.


P.S. Mom said to tell everyone that we are all fine. She is a little sore and I am a little “Skittish” (so I get lots of pat-pats and treats). The Very Big Dog is fine. And the Very Big Dog’s mom is fine, but she needs treats, too. Mom also said to tell everybody that this rodeo was not recorded and she has never been “Calf-Roped” before. And even if it was recorded, she would not show it to anyone. 🙂

A Goat Mystery 


Dear Diary,

I would like a goat. Jack and I have cousins in Oklahoma who have six goats. So I think I should have one!

There was a Goat Mystery this week. My cousins, an Aussie and a rat terrier helped! 

Here is the story told by their mom, Kim. 

Came home last night and half of my goat herd was missing (Buttermilk, Chaco and Rocco). Found them 45 minutes later LOCKED IN MY HUSBAND’S CLOSET…. But HOW?

I can’t even make this stuff up! 

No gates were open and doors to the house were all locked. The remaining goats didn’t seem traumatized or nervous at all. I walked with a food bucket calling them for 45 minutes but no luck. Sat down at my computer and heard Chaco’s bell really faintly. Called him and he called back to me from INSIDE the house iN Jim’s closet. CJ said we had a ghost, Jim said it had to be CJ, and I was a little freaked out. Lucky for me, my goat whisperer friend  reminded me just to wait until morning because of course they would do it again. 

Sure enough, the next morning, Chaco’s bell woke me and I got to watch it all as it unfolded. 

They nibbled through the paracord on the gate and used their goat super squeeze super power to get into the fenced patio, then came in through the doggie door (yes, the big Nubian in her star wars coat!)

Then my Aussie and Rat Terrier promptly herded them into the closet.

And thats why i need a goat.

Until next time,

Dear Diary. The Tail.



Dear Diary.

There was This Tail. It belonged to Jack. But he left it right there in front of me. Right above the bed where I was sleeping.

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t resist.

But every time I moved closer to The Tail, Mom sounded Very Angry. I would never hurt The Tail. But I wanted to pull it Just A Little Bit.

Then Jack moved. And The Tail moved, too. Oh Well. Maybe next time.