Dear Dairy. Love, Arya

Dear Diary, This has been the Worst Day of my life. I found the most Beautiful Smell in the Back Yard and rolled in it. When Mom got home, she said I had to have A Bath! She even washed my Collar! Worst of all, My Brother Jack didn’t have to get A Bath. He […]

Dear Diary – Jack and Arya’s Christmas Card

Dear Diary, We are on a Christmas Card! (I don’t know what a Christmas Card is, but Mom is Very Excited about it.) We sat on the couch and Mom took our picture with the Christmas Cards. Jack is on Lots of Cards. But I’m just on this one. Mom says I am Dressed like […]

Dear Diary. Love, Jack

Dear Diary, I have a new friend. His name is Andy. Andy came to the Blessing of the Animals and we played together. Andy’s Mom and my Mom are friends. Andy and Andy’s Mom brought me a Present! It was wrapped in pretty paper, so Andy helped to open it. Mom and I were Very […]

Jack and Arya, You’ve Got Mail!

Dear Diary, Mr. Squirrel is not the only one who is bad at writing Thank You Notes. Our Mom is, too. We got The Best Package from our Auntie in Oregon and Mom still hasn’t written our Thank You Note. The Package had Fun Stuff for our Moms. And even Treats for them. (They never […]

Mr. Squirrel, You’ve Got Mail!

Dear Diary, Mr. P. Nut Squirrel got A Package at our house this week. It came in The Mail. We like The Mail. Every day, we go to Check the Mail in the front yard. Then we come back in the house and Get A Treat! A Package was in the mailbox. And when Mom […]

Where’s Jack?

Dear Diary, I finally found out what Mom was doing Up There On the Table for A Very Very Long Time. Love, Jack P.S. Mom wants to know who wants this puzzle next?

Dear Diary. We had an Exciting Walk.

Dear Diary, Mom and I took walk and it turned out Very Exciting. We were almost home and the Very Big and Scary Dog got loose from his owner and started running towards us. He Chased Me Around Mom about three times and his leash tied her up. I was screaming and screaming and people […]