Breaking News: Dog Park Gaffe

NASHVILLE, TN. Jack the Scottie, President of the Back Yard, committed a grave diplomatic error today when he peed on the shoe of an admirer. As onlookers glared (the one with the wet shoe) and laughed hysterically (the owner of the wet shoe’s spouse), Jack exited the park in the arms of his handler/driver. In […]

At the Dog Park

   A verrrrrah successful day at the dog park. Met up with @doc.the.schnauzer and received several campaign contributions from Doc’s hooman.  Doc’s hooman is a verrrrrah brave and kind man. Brave because he had treats in the dog park. And kind because he gave me some. I lub him. And Doc the Schnauzer is verrrrrah […]

Jack at the Dog Park

Jack and I are never happier than when we are at the dog park. He’s one happy little Scottie when he is running flat out across the grounds. Makes me so glad to watch him — and a little jealous I can’t run the same way. Go, Jack, go!!

The Big Dog

When I get to the dog park I am a big dog. I play with big dogs. I growl big. I drink from big water bowls. Watch out for me. I am the big dog you see. -Jack