Dear Diary. It’s Fall.



Dear Diary,

It is now the Season called Fall. Which is Before the Season called Winter. Today we had a Bunch of stuff celebrating Fall.

The picture at the top of this page is Me at the Ceremony when we Opened up the Back Forty in the Back Yard. Mom said all the poison ivy is dead, so we could Reopen the Gate to the Back Forty. I Ran and Ran and Ran in the Back Forty. There were lots of New Smells.

Jack didn’t go into the Back Forty. He stayed at Leaf Pile Number One because there was something Very Interesting there.

Later on, we Helped with the Chores — like Raking the Leaves. Jack and I helped Mom with the Big Green Thingie. It was Very Fun. Here is a video Mom took.

I Really Like Fall. And I like doing Projects with my mom and my brother. And I Really Like Running in the Back Forty.

Until next time.


Fall Is Here


Fall is here, let’s give a cheer.
The hoomans like to scratch my ear.

Fall is here, hip-hip, hooray!
Let puppies come and stay all day.

Fall is here, the leaves come down.
I bring them in and see a frown.

Fall is here, it is so neat!
Especially when I get a treat!

-A Poem for Fall by Jack