Flat Jack Comes Home from the Eclipse

This week, Flat Jack came home from his Eclipse Adventure. He arrive via post in an envelope with an Eclipse Stamp! Flat Jack really travels in style. Flat Jack viewed the eclipse from Casper, Wyoming, where some Very Serious Eclipse Watchers gathered. He was the guest of his friend, Marian. For the Eclipse, Flat Jack […]

Flat Jack’s Summer of Adventure

Flat Jack’s Excellent Summer Vacation took him to Ireland (above). He went to New York with Lauren … Took a ride on the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge RR in Colorado with Pat … Met lobsters in Cape Cod with Bobbi … Visited Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic with John and Deen … Saw […]

Flat Jack Writes Home

If only I had brought my swimming gear. Mom would not let me pee on this rock. She said something about Sacred and Profane and Arrest.   There are some very funny looking hoomans in Ireland.  Mom would not take my picture with Bonnie of Enniskillen. I think I am in love.  Wish you were […]

Flat Jack’s Pilgrimage

Flat Jack really gets around. Recently he has been seen in Cape Cod, New York City, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, and Vienna.  He is leaving soon for a pilgrimage to Ireland, where he hopes to meet an Irish Wolfhound.  Real Jack and Arya wished him luck and supervised all the packing. Bon Voyage, Flat Jack!!

The Travels of Flat Jack

Last year, Flat Jack traveled to Scotland with his mom. He called home using an old fashioned phone. And he had a picnic in the Scottish countryside. Later on, Flat Jack went on some trips with Auntie Deborah.  He loves to travel. He even went to Scotland again. But much of his travel with Auntie […]

Flat Jack – On the Road Again, Part 2

Flat Jack was invited on an adventure by his friend, Deborah. He’s traveled to Oregon to her home and then to Arizona to be a guest at the Western Jurisdictional Conference. Deborah took him to a museum of musical instruments. His mom is missing him, but knows he’s having a terrific time. Flat Jack, still […]

Flat Jack — On the Road Again

Flat Jack is on the road again. This is his first trip without Mom. Flat Jack is visiting the United Methodist Church’s Western Jurisdictional Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. He first arrived at his host family’s home in Oregon after an exciting journey with the U.S. Postal Service. (Jack has been a pen pal with the […]

Reflections from Flat Jack

Dear Hooman Friends, Mom says I was bitten by “a travel bug.” There were midges in Scotland, but I don’t remember seeing any traveling bugs. I had such a fun time on my trip, I’d like to go again. Mom said I can go if you want to take me. I don’t eat as much […]