Jack Gets a Bath

NASHVILLE, TN. BREAKING NEWS: Jack the Scottie gets a bath in the front yard sprinkler. Slow motion video captures Jack’s creative sprinkler dance. Jack the Scottie, the President of the Back Yard is now Clean and Taking a Nap.

President Jack

NASHVILLE, TN. In a Very Quiet ending to a sometimes Very Raucous campaign season, the canines and the woodland creatures of the Back Yard completed their civic duty and elected Jack as President of the Back Yard. Mr. P. Nut Squirrel happily congratulated the winning party, explaining that he hadn’t understood that being president meant […]

It’s Finally Here

NASHVILLE, TN. It’s finally voting day (season) in the campaign for President of the Backyard! (Voting starts today and continues until all the woodland creatures have made it to the polls. We’re not sure when that is — woodland creatures are very transitory.) All the candidates finished with strong closing statements. Jack and Arya, photographed […]

First 100 Days — Side by Side Comparison of Scottie and Squirrel

NASHVILLE, TN. Both candidates in the campaign for President of the Back Yard have released their plans for the 100 hundred days in office, should they be chosen as president. Pundits note that Mr. P. Nut Squirrel plans to “sleep and burrow” during the first 66.67 days of his presidency. “This seems rather odd behavior […]

Sunday Morning Talk Shows Continue Nut Stash Controversy

Willola, a special guest commentator from our southern support hits the Sunday morning talk shows to give analysis on the commentary of Dr. Ida Love Creatures. Dr. Creatures gave a commentary last week on the report by the Rodent Campaign that their nut stashes had been pilfered by the opposing candidates, Jack the Scottie and […]

Breaking News: Raid on Nut Stash Caught on Film

A COMMENTARY BY DR. IDA LOVE CREATURES From the Editor: This Commentary is best read out loud and with an accent. A British accent would serve very well. But a Southern accent would also work well. A November Surprise? Perhaps. Or Perhaps Not. I do believe that the video was recorded in October. So that […]

Breaking News: Squirrel Cries Foul

NASHVILLE, TN. Mr. P. Nut Squirrel, Presidential Candidate for the Rodent Party in the Back Yard’s presidential campaign released an attack on Jack the Scottie early today.  Mr. Squirrel argued that Jack the Scottie was unduly influencing the polls in the neighborhood. Just yesterday, Jack the Scottie and Arya the Porch Dog took a tour […]

Campaign Announcement

A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE BACK YARD CAMPAIGN NASHVILLE, TN. Today, in a surprise press conference, representatives of both parties in the ongoing back yard Presidential Campaign announced that they would take a few days off from campaigning. Jack the Scottie, candidate for president representing the Puppy Party, said, “All the creatures of the Back […]

The Other Debate

NASHVILLE, TN. Pundits report that the first Back Yard Presidential Debate was a complete failure. Jack the Scottie, Puppy Party Candidate, faced off with Mr. P. Nut Squirrel, Rodent Party Candidate, in the first of three debates. Footage of the debate is not available. Mice had burrowed into the cameras of WPUP, the media outlet […]