You Mean We Don’t Live Here?

   Today this terrible thing happened. Mom packed up all my stuff and we went back home. I was thinking that maybe we had a new place to live with great windows and swimming and kayaking and no Arya barking at me all the time.  But Mom said this was a vay-cay-shun and we had […]

Captain Jack, The Water Dog

   This place is great. They have a kayak that’s named after me (Jackson). And notice how the color matches my life jacket?    It’s a tandem kayak. That means there are two seats. One for Mom and one for me.     My job is to help keep the kayak balanced. If Mom is leaning […]

Lost in the Woods

   I took Mom out this morning for a walk. I chased a bunny into the woods and then Mom got lost. She should have been fine. She was carrying the long lead and there were not a lot of places she could go. But I could hear her calling for me and she sounded […]

Dear Mom

   Can we get windows like this at home? And that water out there would be pretty, too.  Love, Jack