Dear Diary. Love, Jack


Dear Diary,

I have a new friend. His name is Andy. Andy came to the Blessing of the Animals and we played together. Andy’s Mom and my Mom are friends.

Andy and Andy’s Mom brought me a Present!

It was wrapped in pretty paper, so Andy helped to open it.

Mom and I were Very Happy. 😃 I wanted to keep them by my bed, but Arya wanted to lick them. Now Mom has two little Scotties on her piano in her office.

Mom said I can come and play with them later.

I hope I get to play with them and play with Andy, too.

That’s all for now. Love,


Dear Diary. Love Jack.



Dear Diary,

The worst thing ever came to our house. It is called a Dog Door.

It is the tiniest door ever. Instead of Mom opening the door for me when I want to come in and go out, I am supposed to poke my head through a plastic flap and jump through.

My whole life it has been the same. Until now.

I used to ring the bell on the door and Mom got up and open the door for me. When I wanted to come back in, I barked and Mom got up and opened the door for me to come inside. Everything is different now and I don’t like it. (The old door worked fine.)


I did find one nice thing. My sister and I can put our noses out the door and smell the outside.

Until next time.