JJ’s Big Adventure – The Cat

Mom and I were out walking. I saw A Squirrel being chased by A Cat. The Squirrel ran up the tree. And then, The Cat ran up the tree!!! How. Did. He. Do. That?!?!? #amazing #LearnToClimbTrees #chasing-squirrels #CatsRWeird

JJ’s Big Adventure – Bulldogs

I met a bulldog in Kansas. It was Very Big! Then I met my cousins, Fiona and Mable. They are bulldogs, too. But not as big as the one from Kansas. I played tug with my cousin, Fiona.

Dear Diary JJ Has a Cone

Dear Diary, Yesterday was Very Weird. We got up at the same time as every day, but Mom did NOT feed us. Then she took JJ for a ride in the car. And then, she came back without JJ. It was a very nice day. Mom fed me my breakfast and we went for a […]

Dear Diary. JJ and I Like to Play.

Dear Diary, JJ and I like to play. We like to play outside and inside. We like to play in the morning and in the evening. We like to play at night. JJ follows me everywhere. Even into the wild backyard. JJ likes to bark. But it hurts my ears. I have to bark, too, […]

Dear Diary. JJ Is Not Leaving.

Dear Diary, JJ is not leaving. Here is how I know: 1. Mom and Mama said We Are a Family. 2. Mom took a picture of us on the Top Step. But I am still the Top Dog. JJ has to sleep in The Crate. I get to sleep in The Bed. JJ likes to […]

Dear Diary. JJ Is Here

Dear Diary, Mom and Mama came to Camp Tracy to pick me up. They were holding a puppy named JJ. (I think I licked his toy!) When it was time to go home, JJ CAME IN THE CAR, TOO!! He is going to live with us, I think. At least, so far, he is still […]

Pictures of Arya

Arya’s Missing Diary Pages

Dear Reader … We share with you the missing pages from Arya’s diary. October 13, 2019 Dear Diary, There was a package in the mail that made Mom and Mama cry. I did not cry because there were TREATS in the package. The TREATS were wonderful! Mom wrote about it in her diary. Love, Arya […]