Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Some Really Big Things have happened here.

One day Jack left to go for a ride in the car. But He Didn’t Come Home. Mom cried a whole lot. I Licked Her And She Let Me!!!!!

That Very Same Day, I lost my collar. She said, “Where is Your collar? Did Jack take it to show Spec?”

Mom said, “Want to ride in the car?” We went to A Pet Store. There were lots and lots of smells there. There were People And Dogs walking around the store. Mom got me a new collar and Jingly Tags.

Every day, Mom takes me for a walk. Just her and me. We go Very Very far where I have never been before. We go Very Fast and we walk for a long time. I like long walks.

At night, mom tells me to sleep by her. I like sleeping by her. It keeps my nose warm. She said, “Arya, you got a promotion to #1 bed warmer.”

Every day is Very Quiet now. Except when Sweetie, the dog next door, comes outside. She always barks, “Hey! I am here! I am here!” And then I run outside through the door and I bark, “Hey! I am here, too!”

I miss Jack.

Until next time.

Love, Arya