Announcing: Jack and Arya’s Babysitting Service



We have a New Job. We are Babysitting Puppies at our house.

Mingus is our First Customer. We are Babysitting him for the weekend. He is a French Bulldog puppy. He knows how to eat Treats. He knows how to Potty (Not Always Outside!). He is little. He doesn’t know how to walk on a leash, yet, but we are showing him how.

We are taking care of Mingus while his hoomans go Out of Town. This is Mingus’ first time be away from his hoomans. We like him.

Mingus knows how to sit.

Mom says Mingus is Really Cute!


Mingus likes to Chew on Bones. He likes to Play. Arya likes to play with Mingus. Today they got tired, so they just chewed on each other’s faces while they lay around.

Arya and Mingus Play A Lot!


Jack likes Mingus too. Jack is the Playground Monitor when Arya and Mingus get Too Rowdy.

Jack won’t go on a walk without Mingus. But it is Very Hard to take Mingus for a walk because Mingus doesn’t like leashes. He just sits in the middle of the street. (He’s still a baby dog.)

Last night we all got to be on the hooman bed for a snuggle. We were all Very Tired and it was nice.


If you have any puppies, Just Call our hoomans and we can help take care of them.

Jack and Arya