Neighborhood Watch: Nearly-Dark, Bag-of-Leaves Edition

Thursday, 6:32 p.m. (CST). Emergency call. Unusual round thingie reported on the side of the street. Two responders called to the scene. Rounding a parked car, Responder Arya jumped two feet off the ground, raised her hackles, and began to sound the alarm. Barking continued for several minutes. Strange round thingie never moved. Thursday, 6:38 […]

Happy Jack

This is about as happy as Jack gets — when he gets to go into a friend’s back yard. Have a happy day!!

The Pudding Song

The new favorite song at our house. “The Pudding Song” from the Netflix/BBC show “Derek,” created by and starring Ricky Gervais. Song lip-synced by Jack and Arya. Created with the Talking Pets app in iMovie. View the video on Jack’s website if you can’t view it in the video. View the real “Pudding Song” with […]