Spec (“Spitfire Spec of Trouble”), Jack’s best friend, crossed over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday. He lived 17 awesome years. Gratitude for Spec and sorrow for his empty place fill our hearts.

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  1. Beth and Jack…I am so sorry to hear that Spec has moved on his journey over the rainbow bridge. He was a wonderful friend and teacher and will certainly be missed by all whose lives he touched. May he rest in peace and may the two of you find comfort in wonderful memories of life with Spec.

  2. Dana

    Beth and Jack. We are so very sorry. I know what a great friend Spec was and still is. His sweet little spirit will always be with you. I’m sure he and Max are enjoying each other and the company of all of their other friends- chasing rabbits, cats, and balls. And let’s not forget the treats. Peace to you.

  3. Kayshock

    Dear Beth and Jack,
    I am so sorry to hear of Spec’s passing. I wish Spec a good journey, and you peace as you remember your good friend.

    Kay Shock

  4. David McBride

    So sorry to hear that Spec is no longer with you. You and Jack will miss him deeply. I know you will also remember him with joy for all the good times he shared with you.

  5. Robin

    While I don’t actually “like” this, I am truly sorry to hear about Spec. I hope Jack doesn’t get too lonely without him. I really appreciated your post about him just a few days ago, reflecting on living with aging pets. My Shadow (a Scottie) lived to 15, and I now have 2 15 year old “pups” who are obviously declining. My two other pups are somewhere in that neighborhood, also, but all I know for sure is “over 10.” I’m glad Spec had such a wonderful life and such wonderful friends as you and Jack. The downside to pets is that they do have such limited time with us, but those are really some of the best times of OUR lives, having the privilege to be owned by them! Thanks so much for sharing about your fur friends’ lives – I know I’ve found it quite touching, amusing, and often healing. Peace to you and Jack!

  6. KS Grandma

    Prayers for you and Jack as you grieve this loss for your dear Spec. It is very sad to loose a pet. God gives us these wonderful creatures to love us unconditionally and give us joy and when they are separated He understands our pain.
    KS Grandma

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