Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Mom has put up Christmas!! We have our Tiny Tree and Some Lights outside. (I am Not Supposed to Chew on Any wires.)

This year I counted 6 little Scottie ornaments and Only 1 Arya Ornament. Mom said it’s because I am a “One Of A Kind Dog” and to say “Please Don’t Send Arya Ornaments Because Our Tree Is Very Small!”

Mom and I keep each other warm at night. That used to be Jack’s Job. Mom says I am “One Hot Dog.” Last night we watched a TV show til we both fell asleep.

Until Next Time. Love,


Last Night I Dreamed of Jack


Last night I dreamed of Jack.
He was lost, but I knew he had
Crossed the road
And gone into the woods.

I walked into the forest
And climbed to the top of a pine tree.
There was a nest there,
Rocking like a cradle
In the gentle breeze.

The trees showed me the nest
And told me he was safe,
Gently rocked,
Held close.

When I got back to the ground
I could see, far off,
a circle of dancing women.
White flowing dresses,
Radiant warm light bathing them from above,
Their arms swayed in the air
Like a nest rocking
On a gentle breeze
In the top of a pine tree.

I woke up
And felt
At peace.

Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Some Really Big Things have happened here.

One day Jack left to go for a ride in the car. But He Didn’t Come Home. Mom cried a whole lot. I Licked Her And She Let Me!!!!!

That Very Same Day, I lost my collar. She said, “Where is Your collar? Did Jack take it to show Spec?”

Mom said, “Want to ride in the car?” We went to A Pet Store. There were lots and lots of smells there. There were People And Dogs walking around the store. Mom got me a new collar and Jingly Tags.

Every day, Mom takes me for a walk. Just her and me. We go Very Very far where I have never been before. We go Very Fast and we walk for a long time. I like long walks.

At night, mom tells me to sleep by her. I like sleeping by her. It keeps my nose warm. She said, “Arya, you got a promotion to #1 bed warmer.”

Every day is Very Quiet now. Except when Sweetie, the dog next door, comes outside. She always barks, “Hey! I am here! I am here!” And then I run outside through the door and I bark, “Hey! I am here, too!”

I miss Jack.

Until next time.

Love, Arya

Broken Wide Open


As soon as we laid eyes on you
Our hearts rushed in, unprotected,
Held captive by you
With your bright, smiling eyes.

Even with your hair grown long
Like a Highland cow
Those brown, trusting eyes,
“They’re under there somewhere,”
Reflected love.
Unconditional love,

We fed you, watched you grow,
Cheered your every milestone,
Forgave your every transgression,
(Even that time you unraveled
the berber carpet in the bedroom.)

We loved you with wild abandon,
Ignoring the certainty
that some day we’d lose you.

And now you have gone.
And our unprotected hearts
have shattered, quite completely.
Broken wide open with the sudden loss of you.

“Thank you” is all we can say.
Thank you for being our very sweet pup.
Stealer of hearts.
Such a good dog.

Hearts will heal, eventually.
But they will be forever reconfigured
By loving you.