Happy Birthday to Turbo


Today is New Year’s Eve and my friend, Turbo’s 11th Birthday. Me and mom are taking care of Turbo while her hoomans are out of town for the holiday.

Turbo lives Next Door. She comes over to Play and hang out and then she sleeps at Her House.

Tonight we had a Birthday Party. We had Hats and Treats. I did not like the hat. It tickled my ear. Turbo has so much fur that she didn’t notice the hat. We both liked the Treats!!!

Mom said to tell you all Happy New Year!!!

Love, Arya

Dear Diary (Christmas Edition)


Dear Diary,

There are some Very Strange Things going on in the neighborhood. We were on a Walk and Mom said I should Sit. I Sat and those big dogs were Staring at me.

Mom said I could Help Pull Santa’s Sleigh. I asked if there would be Treats. Mom just laughed.

There is a Visitor at our house. He is a Hooman from Ohio. He throws my toys and gives me Treats. I like him.

Until next time.

Love, Arya

Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Mom has put up Christmas!! We have our Tiny Tree and Some Lights outside. (I am Not Supposed to Chew on Any wires.)

This year I counted 6 little Scottie ornaments and Only 1 Arya Ornament. Mom said it’s because I am a “One Of A Kind Dog” and to say “Please Don’t Send Arya Ornaments Because Our Tree Is Very Small!”

Mom and I keep each other warm at night. That used to be Jack’s Job. Mom says I am “One Hot Dog.” Last night we watched a TV show til we both fell asleep.

Until Next Time. Love,


Last Night I Dreamed of Jack


Last night I dreamed of Jack.
He was lost, but I knew he had
Crossed the road
And gone into the woods.

I walked into the forest
And climbed to the top of a pine tree.
There was a nest there,
Rocking like a cradle
In the gentle breeze.

The trees showed me the nest
And told me he was safe,
Gently rocked,
Held close.

When I got back to the ground
I could see, far off,
a circle of dancing women.
White flowing dresses,
Radiant warm light bathing them from above,
Their arms swayed in the air
Like a nest rocking
On a gentle breeze
In the top of a pine tree.

I woke up
And felt
At peace.