jack at the vet

“Ride in the car?” she said.
Mom put me in the car.
Arya stayed home.
I was so excited.

When the car stopped,
We were at The Vet’s.

I didn’t want to go inside.
There were sounds and smells
I did not like.

We waited a long time.
I got two shots.
(And lots of treats.)

When we got home,
Arya sniffed me all over.
I shall take a nap.

Watching the Sunset


Last night
After dinner
We went outside
To sniff the wind
And listen to
The getting-dark sounds.

There was a new dog
Roaming around
Behind our woods.
And that raccoon from last month
Came by again.

This morning we heard an owl
Calling before sunrise.
Arya was worried.
I wondered if
We would hear it again later.

Then the sky got very bright and pretty
like the fireplace looks when mom says,
“Stay back! It’s hot!”

Mom came outside and watched the sky, too.
She said, “Ooo!” and “Ahhh!” and “Ohhh!”
She was very happy.

It got dark.
We all went inside the house.
Mom put the dog door cover on
So no strangers could come in.

Then we went to bed
And wondered
What a sunset smells like.

Report from Camp


Jack and Arya recently returned from the summer session at Camp Tracy. The following notes were received from the camp director.

~Arya started to get excited when we pulled on my street! She got the first cute little nose prints on my newly cleaned car windows.

~Said was very glad to see them both! There was a lot of hub-bubbing, head butting, and joyful sniffing of the hinter nether regions.

~Jack is on cat patrol as usual. Arya is on planet patrol, or maybe the whole universe even.

~In the a.m., Arya chews on a bone for a while, then licks my face thoroughly, and hops on the couch to sleep at my feet.

~Jack sometimes sleeps right next to me. I hang my hand off the couch and he sort of controls the petting. Butting me with his head, or rubbing under his chin or beside his ears. The boy knows what he wants!

~The dogs seem to play musical dog beds. Sometimes I wake up and Said is in his bed, sometimes Arya and a lot of the time, Jack is.

~Say, Arya is much better about not jumping on me! I actually left my house one day wearing white pants. Not a single paw print.

~I’m driving a friends car. It’s a Prius and very odd for me to drive. The first night I brought it home I was so flustered at turning it off and getting it parked that I left the gate open and let all the dogs out.

Jack went no where. Arya was playing in the dead end circle with Said and came as soon as I called. Hooray!

~Your dogs both have really short tails. Have you noticed that?

~We enjoyed having them. Said is still grumbling about where his pals went and why I won’t wrestle with him the way they do.

Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

There was LOTS of PMail in that brush pile yesterday. We always stop there to read, but yesterday was THE BEST!!

We read that Mocha and Darla stopped there. And the skinny white cat that stares at us from the top of a car (and thinks we don’t see her, but we do! We just Pretend Not to see her!).

And the usual birds and squirrels had been through just since yesterday.

But, Jack thinks, there’s A New Dog that left some PMail. We ran the sniff test through both our Databases and this is Definitely one we haven’t smelled before.

Mom got tired of standing there while we were doing our analysis, so we’ll have to take it back up today.

Until next time.



Summer Time



Haiku by Jack

It is summer time.
The kitchen floor is cooler.
That is where I sleep.

It is summer time.
There’s a vent in the bathroom.
Sometimes I sleep there.

It is summer time.
The sun makes the asphalt hot.
We go very slow.

It is summer time.
We get to eat some ice treats.
I like the hot dogs.