The Story of Jack the Scottie: Cartoon Hero

It all started with a post-it note.

Then books of cartoons.

Scotties take over the holidays.

Jack the Sottie enters the digital world.

Ventures into educational resources.

Interprets the classics.

Claims Super Hero status and saves the world.

Sells out to Madison Avenue? Jack’s Redbubble site. Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog.

Go, Jack!

9 Responses

  1. theguster

    So this was how life started out, Jack? We enjoy following you and the happiness your escapades bring us!

    McDuff’s Mom

  2. Deborah Maria

    This is so sweet! I love seeing Jack’s personal photo album. His life is well documented. How long was his mentor Spec with him?

  3. Deborah Maria

    This is an interesting evolution — of Jack, of art, of Jack in art!

    I had to laugh at his January 12, 2010, complaint. “Please do something about it.” Those baths and trips to the vet went on and on and on.

    Warm memories!

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