Over the Rainbow Bridge

Hi friends. I’m sorry to give you some bad news. Jack was feeling sick over the last week with what we thought was tooth pain. Unfortunately it was an aggressive cancer that had invaded his lymph nodes, chest cavity, and abdominal area. It had attached to the spleen and spine. He was declining rapidly over the weekend and when we took him in for X-rays and ultrasound it all came clear. He was very peaceful at the end and he is at rest now. We are sad and quite in shock, but wanted you to know. Jack brought so much joy to us and to the world. His 9th birthday was yesterday, October 21.

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  1. theguster

    Oh, my goodness! I am so very sorry to hear this awful news. I know what you’re going through as I’ve had a similar ‘out of the blue’ illness with my last rescue Scottie who also went over the Rainbow Bridge. Please know how much we all enjoyed reading about Jack. May you find comfort in all the memories you have of him as he lives on in your heart forever.

    Wishing you peace & sending our love.

  2. Leanne Strommen

    I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I have followed Jack’s adventures with great delight. We also lost a beloved dog suddenly. No matter how it happens, it is a deep heartache. With their unconditional love and faithful companionship, dogs leave their paw prints on our hearts forever. We will hold you close in prayer. Hugs to you and to Arya 🐾❤️

  3. Robin

    I am SO sorry . . .. this happened MUCH too early. Thank you for sharing Jack with us. I’m so glad you have so much to remember him by. He was special to me because he helped me to heal from the loss of my own Scottie. I am heartbroken for you and with you.

  4. Deborah Maria

    Tears… So sad for you, for Jack. You gave him the best home EVER — all his days.

    Look at that puppy-face — who wouldn’t fall in love? And the mischief of being a verrrah good Scottish terror. A classic. He brought laughs as he showed us the full life.

    Thank God for understanding hoomans – you his family and his vet who knew how to ease his pain and quell any fear.

    Much love and hugs. Now he can safely chase varmints and have all the treats he wants.

  5. moonovermountain

    Oh no! Lisa and I are so very sorry to hear this very sad news! Our heart breaks for you! Please know we are keeping both of you…and Arya…in our thoughts and prayers in a huge way. Sending much love your way!

  6. sue ellen

    So sorry to hear about Jack. You are a wonderful scotty mom. Jack entertained us all and we will miss reading about his adventures. I know your heart is broken. Sending sweet hugs your way .♥

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