Dear Diary. By Arya.


Dear Diary, 

 It’s been two months since I found my family. One feeds me. One plays with me. One is a furry guy they call Jack who lets me chew on his head.

2015-01-27 06.24.25-1

Since I got here

  1. I got a new collar
  2. I got a new name
  3. I had the worst day of my life
  4. I learned about “treats”

The worst day:

2015-02-02 19.33.12-1

Yeah. It was bad. I went in feeling fine and I came out with this terrible pain and had to wear a cone for days and days.

More on the “treats” thing. When you do stuff that they say to do, you get “treats”! I know “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “shake.” (I pretend not to understand. You get more “treats” that way.) This is me sitting on my food mat instead of beside my food mat.

2015-02-27 06.22.47-1

I like Jack even though he’s a little slow. (He does the tricks the first time they tell him to.)

2015-02-25 07.01.13-1

This is my favorite thing to do with my new family.

2015-02-17 20.09.55-1

More later.


12 Responses

  1. sue ellen

    Bless your little heart Ayra… you are such a cutie, and a great ‘little’ sister… oh ya, sorry about the ‘cone thing’ ~~~ we all hate ’em…. give your new parents lotza puppy kisses…they are wonderful folks.♥

  2. Robin

    This is very cute, but I think Ayra needs a spelling lesson – I believe the word is “diary,” and not milk, eggs and cheese (dairy).

    1. Melissa

      I dunno. Dairy is very very dear to me, and probably to our smart new friend Ayra as well. Cheese, please, dear dairy, and thanks be to gouda.

  3. You lucked out, Arya. Not everybody gets a good mama and a good big brother. You can ask my Jack about the big brother thing. For some reason the worst days get forgotten and the treat days don’t. God is good.

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