Jack and Arya, You’ve Got Mail!

Dear Diary,

Mr. Squirrel is not the only one who is bad at writing Thank You Notes. Our Mom is, too. We got The Best Package from our Auntie in Oregon and Mom still hasn’t written our Thank You Note.

The Package had Fun Stuff for our Moms. And even Treats for them. (They never get treats like we do.) And we got some New Clothes in the package. Jack got a raincoat and I got a sweater. We like our Auntie in Oregon. She has Lots and Lots of Cats. We would like to play with her cats. (Well, my brother would just like to chase them. I would like to play with them.)

This is a video of us sniffing the new clothes.

Jack can’t wait for it to rain so he can try out his new raincoat.

I think Hoomans are Very Nice. Especially the Hoomans Who Like Dogs. (And Cats. And even Squirrels.) Mom says The World would be a better place if there were more Hoomans Who Like Dogs. (And Cats. And even Squirrels.)

Until Next Time. Love,

5 Responses

  1. theguster

    Well, Jack and Arya, you know the nicest hoomans! What great gifts. Jack you look like such a handsome dude in that snazzy plaid raincoat and Arya, you look lovely in your green sweater, too!

    McDuff & Mom

  2. theguster

    Yes, McDuff wore raincoats and little plaid wool jackets since we’re from New York and it’s colder there in the winters than here and we had much more snow than what we get here.

    McDuff’s Mom

  3. Deborah Maria

    Awwww…cute pix! (I had forgotten this.) Tennessee may not be cold/wet enough for sweaters/raincoats but these are so CUTE.

    I like the way Jack and Arya get to explore their mail.

    You are right: the world needs more kindness – like hoomans and cats and dogs and squirrels getting along.

  4. Roberta Bondi

    You dogs look great in your new clothes. If you visit us, Curly and I will give you treats. He shares. Curly used to like clothes but he says he is too old now. Nevertheless, he hates to be rained on.

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